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Autism Speaks Helps Launch Career Tool for People with Autism

by Nabil Kassem

Nabil Kassem is an experienced trial attorney who has dedicated over two (2) decades of practice to civil and criminal litigation in New York and New Jersey. Due to his many years of successfully litigating on behalf of his clients, Nabil Kassem is well known for his tenacious attitude and strong work ethic. Due to his accomplishments, Nabil Kassem is now the managing member of KASSEM & ASSOCIATES, P.C., based in New York and New Jersey. Nabil Kassem balances his professional pursuits, with his support for numerous charitable organizations, such as Autism Speaks.
In a recent press release, Autism Speaks announced that it partnered with Rangam Consultants Inc. to create a new job portal intended to foster inclusive employment opportunities for people with autism. The innovative site, found at, will link employers and service providers with qualified applicants who have autism or other disabilities.

With the tool, businesses can easily publicize open positions, and job seekers can upload video resumes that establish their qualifications and demonstrate their interests to potential employers. The site also features job coaches and employment service providers who can assist both parties and offer autism-specific support.

The new job portal is free for both employers and job seekers.                            
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